First FO of 2012

So today I'd like to share with you my first FO of 2012 - I know, I know... it's already February and I'm only just now getting something off the needles. But, I love this little FO lots, so it's still worth sharing :)

A friend of mine is due to have a little baby girl in one week, and since most of my friends and family have had baby boys, I had to take this opportunity! Knits for baby girls are always fun.

I didn't want to use the typical baby pink/pastels, so I decided to use a skein of Wool Candy Fondant Merino DK in Berry Compote from my stash. I loved working with this yarn, and am so glad I still have a sweater's worth for myself, especially since the dyer just had a baby of her own and discontinued the brand. The colorway is awesome, with splashes of light pink, brick and burgundy reds, and hints of coral. 

As you can imagine, the hat knit up beautifully as well:

My friend really loved a cabled hat I wore recently, so I settled on cables for this pretty little piece. After some trial and error, everything worked out and I really love the result!

In the meantime, even though I don't have any other FOs to share quite yet, this doesn't mean I haven't been been busy planning several projects, swatching and number crunching any minute I get, so I hope to share more with you soon. Until next time! :)


  1. What a lovely hat. As one who was really unethusiastic about the amount of pastel pink I received for my little girl, I bet your friend was thrilled to receive something in that colorway. It's gorgeous.

  2. I love to knit for baby girls!! I've got two boys, and they weren't anywhere near as fun to knit for, lol. I also love to use non-traditional girl colors, and I really love your color choice.