Featured Finished Object Friday :: February 3, 2012

In keeping with my New Year's Resolution of finally getting into the habit of blogging once and for all, one of the bi- (or tri-) weekly blog post themes I'd like to get started again is "Featured Finished Object Friday," which will showcase some of the gorgeous projects that pop up on my Ravelry Designer's User Activity feed 2 weeks up to the Friday of the post. As I mentioned in my first post of this series (back in April 2011-whoa!), browsing other knitters' FO and progress pictures of projects made with my patterns is one of my favorite things to do on Ravelry. I'm always inspired by yarn and color choices, modifications, and really love reading positive comments about my designs. It makes my day every time!

So, without further adieu, here are some of the finished beauties that popped up over January 21-February 3, 2012!

sabinaknits' Ardelise

SOWaters' Alivia

skilovr's Sarai

molliebatmit's Julissa

pfong001's Julissa

Note: The photos featured in this post are not my own and are the Copyright of the wonderful knitters mentioned above. Click the links above each photo to see the Raveler's project page and more photos. 


  1. I love looking at all the julissa's :) Sometimes I just go scroll through the finished objects, lol.

  2. *sigh* I really love your designs.. and I agree with Cambria, the Julissa's are beautiful!