My Very First YouTube Video :: Figure 8 Cast On

I'm very excited to share my very first YouTube Video Tutorial with you!

This video is about the Figure 8 Cast On, which is usually used for toe up socks. I used it as a provisional cast on of sorts for my two recently published sweater patterns, Ardelise & Chantalle. Check out the video below:

Both patterns mentioned above include a photographic tutorial of the technique as well, but I thought a video might be helpful to more hands-on visual learners. I am a 99.9% self taught knitter - with the exception of the long-tail cast on and the knit stitch! :) - and personally understand the value of instructional videos for anyone teaching themselves to knit or adding to their personal skill set, so I hope and plan to make YouTube video tutorials a regular part of my presence in the knitting community. I hope you like the video! :)

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