Introducing Sacha ~ April 2011 Design

I'm beyond thrilled with the beautiful weather we've had recently. In the past, I've had to fight rain and snow and darkness to get pictures taken for my designs, but yesterday my husband [the photographer], my dear friend Brooklynne [the model] and I [the designer/photographer's assistant :O)] took advantage of the beautiful outdoors and shot photos of my new design 'Sacha.'

Sacha is the triangular interpretation of another design of mine, Charlize. Since Charlize is personally my most worn shawl to date, I got the idea to make a triangular version as well and I couldn't be any happier with the result! I love it!


Brooklynne did such an amazing job modeling. It was so inspiring to watch her behind the camera. The photo shoot was pretty much the final touch to this pattern writeup, so Sacha is now available for purchase on Ravelry. Go buy, fave or queue it and check out the rest of the photos  :)

The overall pattern is pretty simple, with classic triangular shawl shaping and easy to read charts and written instructions. One stitch it utilizes is called the 'ssk-sl-pnso-sr' in this pattern. The pattern includes step by step written instructions on how to perform this stitch, but if you find yourself having trouble, I've created a visual tutorial:

ssk sl pnso sr - step 1

ssk sl pnso sr - step 2

ssk sl pnso sr - step 3

ssk sl pnso sr - step 4

I hope you love this design as much as I do! I know I'll personally get lots of wear out of it :)

Buy now for $6.00 USD


  1. What a great design! And the yarn you use always looks so luscious.

    I still need to knit a Charlize, but you know the way of the knitter: too much to knit and never enough time.

  2. Thank you so much Ashley!! Too much to knit and never enough time is the story of my life these days, lol :)