Julissa's getting a makeover

Hi all! Wow, is it really already March 11th? This month - no, make that this year - is just going by way too fast. I can't complain too much though. After what has been a pretty crazy Winter, Spring is starting to make an appearance here in Washington and the sneak peeks of sunshine we've had over this past week are much appreciated. I'm ready for Summer. :)

Anyway, about that title! For those of you who follow my projects on Ravelry, you may have seen my most recent Julissa work in progress. For my third iteration of my first sweater pattern, I wanted to change things up a bit, and what better way than to change the neckline?

After I posted this picture on Ravelry, I got several comments and messages requesting that I write up this pattern variation. It meant so much to get this kind of feedback, and I figured, why not?!

Unfortunately, since I had no plan whatsoever while knitting this lovely green version of Julissa for myself, I didn't take into account the things I normally would while working on a design piece, like, no fudging allowed! ;) So, this is only a rough prototype and idea of what the final pattern sample will look like. Since I do need a proper sample knit up for this new pattern however, this past Wednesday, I happily cast on my fourth Julissa (does that make me crazy?). I'm very happy with the way it's coming along:

I chose some very yummy Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Merino Cashmere Nylon worsted weight in the color 'Carmine,' which I'm absolutely in love with!

This version of Julissa will no doubt be more feminine, a bit flirty, less sporty, and also, perfect for a summer sweater worked in a cotton or bamboo blend yarn. I plan to make the bottom ribbing shorter since there will already be a lot less of the front cable and lace panel running down the center, and I'll also include instructions for super cute cap sleeves, in addition to the original 3/4 length.

I'll be knitting like a mad woman over the rest of the weekend and into the week, so stay tuned for more photos very soon! :)


  1. And we just got the perfect 100% lace yarn in my LYS for a summer Julissa ;)

  2. Oh I LOVE that neckline. I JUST bought the pattern last week...will you be updating the original with the neckline options or will it be an entirely new pattern for sale. I sure hope it's an update as I'd rather knit this neckline as I think it will flatter me more.

    1. Thank you so much! :) Initially, it was going to be an update but in the process, it's become so much different than the original and would make that pattern more complicated. Since many have commented on the simplicity of the original, I don't want to muddle it up, so this version will be a standalone pattern. But, I am definitely thinking of ways to offer a discounted price to those who have already purchased the first and also to offer a bundle option for new buyers. I'll have more details closer to its release :)

    2. Well that stinks...can I exchange? LOL.

  3. I´ve been waiting for this pattern to come :) and I´m currently stalking your group on ravelry, waiting for a call for test knitters. This will definately be one of my 2012 projects!

  4. That would definetly be on my list to knit, love your designs they are amazing and inspire to knit. will be waiting for the release

  5. This pattern is going to work much better with my body type. I also purchased the first version so a discount would be much appreciated!

  6. Hi!

    I bought your Julissa pattern on ravelry, and I've juste discovered your Julissa n° 4 and I think I really prefer this version than the previous one. DO you think taht it is possible to change it or have it with a discount price?

    thank you so much