Featured Finished Object Friday :: February 24, 2012

Since the last Featured Finished Object Friday post, the Knit Rhapsody user activity feed has been wonderfully sweater filled. It's definitely a sweater time of year, isn't it? I have a few on the needles myself and can't wait to share what they become with you, but for now, take a look at these beauties made by other lovely knitters :)

The first project I'd like to share with you is SplitStitch's Julissa. I adore everything about her sweater: yarn choice, color, and fit! Plus, this was Jesse's first sweater, and I'd say she did an amazing job, wouldn't you?

Next, is another Julissa, this one made by jessibean on Ravelry. Jessica used a beautiful dove gray yarn, dyed by Tanis Fiber Arts and the finished sweater looks gorgeous on her. And, after seeing two very lovely Julissa's made with this yarn base (including one made by the dyer herself), I'm thinking it's a must try yarn! I'm also quickly realizing why so many knitters love gray yarn! :)

This next project is a stunning example of my Ardelise design, which I haven't seen very many of quite yet:

Not only is the fit awesome and the color absolutely perfect for Spring, but after seeing the back of Davina's cardigan, I was even more inspired:

She cleverly used one of my personal favorite cable embellishments from the well known Gathered Pullover to add some visual interest to the back of the cardigan, and I really love this mod! I'm thinking I may need to follow suit and make a DK weight Ardelise a la sabinaknits, and add this cable detail a la twouglyducks! :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these projects as much as I have! Until next time ♥

Note: The photos featured in this post are not my own and are the Copyright of the wonderful knitters mentioned above. Click the links provided to see the Raveler's project page and more gorgeous pictures!


  1. beautifully done! I've been toying with gray yarn too. Maybe it's time to go for it :)

  2. I cannot wait to make more of your designs! I'm feeling a strong leaning towards Chantalle right now, and I've never had such an urge to knit a shawl before. :o)

    1. Yay! Thank you so much. Sweaters are definitely my first love, but shawls always make for fun, quick knitting! :)